Our mission

is to stimulate sustainable growth by increased production and efficient use of renewable energy and development and implementation of green innovative technologies

Main objectives

  • To develop and implement initiatives in the field of green energy
  • To popularize the research, design and operation of green energy facilities
  • To protect the rights and the interests, the standing and the reputation of its members by increasing cooperation between its members and other professional and public organizations and the local and state authorities, the media and the non-profit organizations
  • To protect the economic, social and professional interests of its members
  • To promote the activities of its members through the media, the press and the general public
  • To promote and facilitate the cooperation between the association members and the state and local representatives in connection with development of new projects and production of green energy
  • To assist with achieving green energy production efficiency
  • To support scientifically and methodologically activities of the green energy producers in Bulgaria
  • To disseminate, analyze and propose ideas for change in the current legislation, as well as to establish contacts with the executive and legislative authorities in Bulgaria and in the European Union, in order to actively participate in the development of proposals in the field of green energy
  • To provide qualified legal assistance to its members
  • To promote international cooperation with similar organizations
  • To improve the technical, legal and financial knowledge of its members by organizing courses, seminars, and presentations


Active alliance members members


MW green energy power installed


Years of professional experience

2 770

GWh overall green energy produced

About us

The Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy - BG was registered on 19 of October 2007 as a non-profit legal entity to carry publicly beneficial activities separately from its members.

The Alliance was established in accordance with the provisions of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act. The Alliance of the Producers of the Ecological Energy - BG is an autonomous, voluntary, democratic, self-governing, non-political and non-profit association.

It establishes and develops bilateral and multilateral relations with bodies, organizations, companies and individuals in Republic of Bulgaria and abroad.

The association is managed by a Managing Board.




In compliance with the Statute, the management bodies of SPEE-BG are the General Meeting and the Managing Board. The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Alliance and all of the SPEE-BG members through their representatives shall take part in it.

SPEE-BG is managed and represented by the Managing Board that consists of 7 member-companies of the organization. The Managing Board shall elect the Chairperson of the Alliance which represents the organization in regard to third persons as well as conducts the coordination between the bodies of SPEE-BG.

The coordination and collaboration between members is being carried out by the Administrative Body of the Alliance.



SPEE - BG unites producers of all kinds of green energy in Bulgaria.


The membership with the Alliance of the producers of ecological energy - BG is voluntary.

The members can be physical and Bulgarian or foreign legal entities that carry out activities in the field of renewable and / or alternative energy sources, or foresee in their business plans to start such activities, which share the goals of the Association and the means to achieve them, and agree with its statutes and pay regularly their membership fees.

The members of SPEE-BG maintain their economic, legal and organizational autonomy.

New members of the Association are approved by the General Meeting. The applicants must submit a written request to the Managing Board, stating that they agree with the goals, ideas and the Articles of the Association.

membership application

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Along with the membership written application, the following documents shall be submitted:

  • Legal Standing Certificate
  • Decision by the Managing body of the company/organization for membership and representation in the Alliance of the producers of ecological energy - BG


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